My Story 

For as long as I can remember people have come to me with their problems and I have always enjoyed discussing them. When I took my first psychology class in college I was hooked. My fascination with the human psyche coupled with my passion for helping others is what drove me to become a psychologist. 

After completing my doctoral degree I moved to Puerto Rico and worked as a psychologist in the VA hospital for 2 years. That experience greatly expanded my perspective. Working with veterans who suffered with chronic pain motivated me to seek advanced training in the treatment of chronic pain and other psychosomatic conditions and I completed a fellowship at Stanford's premier pain management clinic. 


Through my connections at Stanford I discovered a radically different way of treating most psychological difficulties known as ISTDP. After completing my fellowship at Stanford I started a private practice in the South Bay. Simultaneously I have continued to seek advanced training in this evidence-based approach and have seen amazing outcomes as a result. Not only does it accelerate the treatment process, but the gains are also deeper, more transformative, and longer lasting.  

I have also seen great results from breaking out of the traditional 50 minute session model. All of my sessions last 90 minutes, which allows for undoing habitual defenses and delving deeper into the intrapsychic conflicts. 

Furthermore, I do not believe that once size fits all, so when necessary, I integrate ISTDP with other treatment approaches, in order to optimize your results. 

When Iā€™m not working I enjoy dream yoga and meditation