I perform forensic evaluations of defendants and write criminal defense mitigation reports on their behalf. These reports help your defense attorney to negotiate a more favorable plea bargain. Telling a defendant's story to a prosecutor or probation officer is often just as important as presenting a case to the judge. I perform a thorough psychosocial interview and administer a battery of psychological assessment measures to determine if there are any psychological factors that contributed to the offense. This not only humanizes the defendent but also enables me to identify psychological recomendations that could help to prevent such mishaps going forward. The results of my interview, the assessment measures, and my recommendations are all woven together in a cogent mitigation report. Such reports often lead to significant reductions in sentences, which in turn can save you tens of thousands of dollars and many other negative consequences. These mitigation report services are usually offered for a flat fee based on the facts of your case. If you are interested in such a report please have your attorney contact me to make arrangements. 


I perform evaluations of patients with chronic pain in order to assist physicians with decisions regarding the appropriateness of procedures, case conceptualization, and treatment planning. I have performed hundreds of such evaluations for the Stanford's Pain Management Clinic and have actively colaborated with physicians on these matters.