"Dr. Bartz is very compassionate, professional and knows how to work with issues of past childhood traumas. If you are interested in really digging deep into your emotional pain which keeps you stuck from living a rich fulfilled life, then Dr. Bartz is the man for you. I was able to really move forward in some areas of my life." --Lorin O

"It has been an interesting ride since June.  I was having difficulty with my past therapist, and Psychology Today helped me in finding Jeremy Bartz's awesome practice.  First and foremost, 90min vs the typical 50min, which helps tremendously in getting something accomplished.  He actually listens and pays attention to detail.  His sessions are interactive.  You're not just a talking head and the therapist a nodding head.  And it's all about expressing your emotions.  So, if that is not your thing or haven't done it before this will be a new, challenging and different experience.  But I can tell you that no matter how hard it might be at first, it is 100% worth it.  It is amazing how facing these suppressed feelings can lighten our load.  It is definitely working for me." --Roxanne T.